Added some new pics of Dylan

Cori sent me a some new pics of Baby Dylan. Take a look at 15 months old, 16 months old and current.

Took out a pro!

Last night I played in Full Tilt's $200,000 tourney. I didn't win, but I did manage to bust one of the Full Tilt pros. Keith Sexton. I didn't realize it, but there was a $200 bounty on him, so I am getting a nice little bonus, and a t-shirt for it.

Big or small. Every win is a good one.

Me in the NY Times

Here is a photo that was in this article in today's Metro Section, about the last Monday Movie of the summer. Notice the handsome fellow with the blue sheet on the left. Happy

My first "big" cash on Full Tilt Poker.

Just took second in a $24+2 tournament on Full Tilt Poker. About $2400. Was 1 bad beat away from the $4000 first, but I'll certainly take 2nd for my $26 investment.

My decision to stick to tournaments when online definitely seems like the right one. I am almost caught up to my losses from the ring games. For now, while I'll play cash games live, online is tournaments and tournaments alone.

One interesting observation. I am cashing somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the time. That is pretty good, but it can definitely be frustrating the other 80 to 90 percent of the time. I can see why they say poker is a tough way to make an easy living. Definitely keeping it in the hobby stage.

For now. Happy

Never saw a dog with saddle bags before...

Dog With Saddle BagsDog With Saddle Bags

Big moneyless poker win.

I didn't play any online poker the whole time I was in Vegas. Was doing the live thing, after all. Well, yesterday I started playing online again. Played in 3 big tournaments. The PokerStars Sunday Million and the Full Tilt 200k guarantee were the big money ones. I didn't cash in those. But I also played in PokerStars Moneymaker Millionaire freeroll. Out of over 9500 players, only the top 50 won a ticket to the next level event. I was one of those.

Heh, if I had made top 50 in any of the other tourney's it would have been a nice money win. So, my timing is just a little off, but I'll keep trying.

Home again...

Got back from Vegas on Saturday night. I didn't get to play in that Thursday event. It was sold out. So I just played at the cash games. had a lot of fun, and came home with more money than I left with. Can't ask more than that. Looking forward to trying again next year.

WSOP - The Main Event

I was in, and I was out. I lasted until 10pm on the first day. Sure, I would rather have lasted until I was rich beyond my wildest dreams, but I'll have to settle for having had a good time.

I slept well and went over to the PokerStars breakfast at the Rio. I was a little nervous, but not much. Made my way to my seat.

Here was my first dealer.

Here was my starting chip stack.

And here is the guy who knocked me out.

No hard feelings. I had been doing pretty well, but ran into 1 hand that crippled me. I had 6 8 in the big blind and the pot was unraised. The flop came K 6 2. I decided to take a stab at it with bottom pair. Got 1 call from a very aggressive player. If he had anything good, he'd have raised preflop. The turn was Jack. I decided to try once more. I bet, and he called. I was done. But then the river came and it was an 8 giving me 2 pair. I checked, he bet, and I called thinking he had a K. He did, but his J with it gave him a better 2 pair than I had. Sad

That put me on life support with about 5000 chips when the blinds were 100/200. I survived that way about 4 hours, looking for a way to double up. Stealing just enough pots to stay steady. Finally, in the end, I made a move against a loose aggressive player who made a button raise into my small blind. I had A J of spades, and he called my all in with A K of diamonds. The flop gave me 2 spades, but those were the last ones, and that was all she wrote. The fat lady had sung.

I have no regrets. I think I played fairly well, and I had fun. There is one more WSOP tournament while I am here on Thursday. A 1000 buy in event. Maybe I'll try to win a seat to that one too. As long as I am here. Otherwise, there is always next year. But now, I am going to sleep.