A new phone number...

GrandCentral.com is a new system I am trying out that gives you a phone number and whenever someone calls you on that number all your phones ring. Cell, work, home, whatever. You can answer wherever you are. They also have cool features like different rings and messages for different callers, and call recording.

Try to call me with the button below.

Sam Cam Still Shots

For those who can't access the live video of SamCam I have set up a motion detector to upload a new picture to this page every time the camera detects motion in the habitat. It detects the camera moving. I don't know, yet, if it will dectect him moving. We'll just have to see.

Here is the latest shot from the cam.

And here is the previous one.


I have set up a web cam to check in on Sam during the day. You can click on the presets to look at different locations in his enclosure. He spends a lot of time hiding in his hideyhole, so if you don't see him right away, give it a little time.


Movies vs. Books

A saw someone comment in a forum about how movies are never as good as the book upon which they are based. I have a different opinion, and I guess that's what blogs are for, so...

Books are a completely different medium, and shouldn't be compared to movies. It's like saying Stephen King is better than Steven Spielberg. Both are great storytellers in their chosen area's but trying to compare them would be silly.

A book can convey a lot more information than a movie, because it is not time limited. So a movie has to try to tell the same story in a much shorter window. That means conveying things differently and leaving out a lot. If you are expecting a movie to have all the same content as the book, then you will always be disappointed. But if you make a conscious choice to not compare the movie to the book you can appreciate the movie for what it is and perhaps enjoy it more.