Many new Dylan pics posted.

Cori hooked me up with a bunch of new pics and even a video of little Dylan.

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15 Months Old (The current main Dylan Page)
Video at the Zoo


I recently discovered a new video podcast that I really like. GeekBrief.TV (here's an iTunes link)

Essentially, it's a cute geek chick talking about the latest in tech for 5 minutes a few times a week. The format is great, the content is interesting and Adam Curry described her as Grrrrrrrrrrr. How do you go wrong with that?

Plus, they put me onto this link for do it yourself laser eye surgery. How do you not like that?

It's my birthday!!!

Survived 36 years. Who knew that would happen? Happy

Happy birthday shoutouts also go to my friends Sheila Winterbottom, Sherrye Dobrin, Farell Marblestone and Michael Anthony.

How funny is it that, in my calendar, the date that has the most birthdays on it is my own.

Thanks to Cori, Ken and Dylan.

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Saw this site on Rocketboom this morning. Very funny.

Here is one that I did...

Congrats to Imaginary Johnny for getting on the iTunes Music Store.

Our friends, Imaginary Johnny have gotten their album "Painting Over the Dirt" on the iTunes Music Store.

Please check it out.

They also have a gig coming up this Friday, May 19 at 9pm at Sin-e in NYC, located at 150 Attorney Street at Stanton.

Poker with the pros...

Yesterday, I played in a charity poker tournament for Fence Magazine.

It was a lot of fun, for a good cause, and I got to meet and chat with Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, and some cool literary types like Myla Goldberg.

I didn't end up at the same table as the pros, but I did get to chat with them and listen to some of the poker advice they were giving. Even in just 30 minutes of talking to a crowd of complete newbies, they were clearly excellent teachers.

The reason I first started playing on Full Tilt Poker was to try to win a ticked to Howard Lederer & Annie Duke's Fantasy Poker Camp. Well, now my interest in that is renewed. It would definitely be a worthwhile experience.

Karen's web site overhauled.

Check out Karen's web site. She redesigned the whole think herself using Apple's iWeb. Not bad for someone with no web design experience who thinks that there are leprechauns inside the computer making it work. Happy