Cool site. What was that song again???

Know how a song goes, but not the name of it? Visit and you can sing the song into your computer's microphone and the site will try go figure out what song it is.

And, remarkably enough, it works really well.

Very cool

Mom at the NYSE

Mom had a great time and her pic even made the front page of

Here is a link to the archived webcast.

Update on Mom ringing the NYSE bell.

I had the date wrong. It's next Thursday, Jan 25. This is part of Ethan Allen's 75th anniversary. It should be on TV. I'll post more when I know the details.

Mom's ringing the bell...

Thursday morning, my mom, with some friends, is ringing the starting bell at the NY Stock Exchange. I don't know how that happened, but it's pretty cool.

I predict a Bull market that day. Happy

Go mom!!!

Dylan's first trip to Disneyland.

Cori, Ken, Dylan and I spend a day at Disneyland. Pics on Dylan's page. Who knew she'd develop a crush on Goofy?

Home from Macworld Expo.

Had a great time. Saw lots of friends. Made some new ones. Saw the iPhone. Lost my camera.

That pretty much sums it up. I'll have to make due enjoying everyone else's pics. Thanks to the Your Mac Life community for a great time and for the surrogate photography.

Thanks Shawn and David too.

Heh. My pal, Shawn King of Your Mac Life is friends with David Pogue. I mentioned to him that I was the uncredited e-mailer from the previous blog entry and the next thing I knew, my name was up in lights.

I'm really not that needy. At least I don't think I am. But thanks to Shawn for looking out for me, and to David for the mention.

See you both at Macworld next week.

I made David Pogue's blog...

Ok. Sort of. David Pogue is the technology columnist for the New York Times. I e-mailed him a question and he posted it to his blog.

He didn't name me, but trust me. It was me.

Take a look.