Internet access is just about a complete no go here in Venice.

There are a few Internet cafe's around, but I have to use their computers rather than my own, which means I can't really update the site. I'll see if I can find some solution, otherwise you will be reading all of this after I am back.

I am headed to Venice until July 10th.

Don't know what kind of internet access I'll have there. Look at my Venice Blog page for any updates and pictures.

First place in a poker tournament... Woo Hoo...

Last night I took first place in a 180 person SNG on PokerStars.
Cost: $22.
First place money: $1080

Winning is fun.

Monday Movie Rained out

Hey all. It was a rainy weekend, and it's raining now. Even if it stops by this evening and they decide to show the movie, it will be a muddy mess. So, I spoke with Ungie and we are officially canceling for tonight. I will be out of town next week for M*A*S*H, but the crew will be there, so enjoy, and I'll see you all in 2 weeks for Bullitt.

Bunny's re-enact Superman.

I love these guys...

Check out the bunny re-enactment.

If it's Monday, I must be at Bryant Park..

Tonight we kick off the season of the Monday Night Movies in Bryant Park with The Birds. I am there almost every week, and even when I am not, my friends are. Some grab whatever you need for a picnic and come hang.

It ain't about the movie. Happy