Didn't see Cori win her emmy?

The television camera angles made it impossible to see Cori at the Emmy's, but fortunately, there were still camera's at work too.

Twitter is cool

I recently started using Twitter with a bunch of friends. It's like a super mini blog. Nice implementation. Kinda handy.

Testing move of site to different server.

If you can see this, then it worked.

Emmy Pics...

These are from Cori's Kodak Gallery.

Holy Cow! Cori won an Emmy!!!

On Saturday night, they held the Emmy Awards for the Creative Arts Categories and "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" won!

My sister, Cori, is an Executive Producer on the show and as such, she is one of the people who gets the award!!!


Oh yeah. Congrats to Kathy too. Happy

The awards will be broadcast on E! on Saturday, September 15, at 8pm. Cori's award was towards the end of the evening.