iPhone impressions.

The iPhone is terrific. Over the next few days there will be tons of posts talking about the good and the bad. I don't want to repeat all the common comments. My impressions that the screen is great and the typing takes getting used to are just a few that match the general opinion. Here are some comments I have that I haven't seen posted yet.

1. I am disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a manual way to add iPod content to the iPhone. You MUST use the sync features. That is fine for people with one computer, but I have a computer at home, and a computer at work, and I like to add content from both locations. Now I can't. Fortunately, that's a software issue that will hopefully be fixed in an update.

2. On syncing, it recognizes playlists of TV shows, and Playlists of Music, but you have to select movies manually. You can't sync a specific playlist of movies unless they are labeled as TV Shows of Music Videos.

3. When you watch a TV Show on it, at the end of the show the iPhone asks if you want to delete the show to save space. Then when you sync, it doesn't re-add the show to the iPhone, but it does increment the playcount on the computer.

4. Mail accessed my IMAP server without a problem, but only accessed the main inbox and not any subfolders.

5. Speakerphone is so quiet that it's almost unusable.

That's it for now. More as I play...

iPhone Mania...

All week people were asking me, "Are you in the line yet?" Of course, they were referring to the line at the Apple Store that formed on Monday, for Friday's release of the iPhone at 6pm. Well, finally, after visiting with friends in the line Thursday night, I showed up at about 8am on Friday for the day. I was number 70 in line and I had an absolute blast.

The friends I was with were
Lesa Snider King and Shawn King. They both have blogs...
Lesa's Blog
Shawn's Blog

Everyone on the line was nice and we had a good time, just hanging out all day. Also, Shawn was there working for
Macworld.com and we shot a lot of video for the site.

There were tons of press there and I got interviewed on my way out of the store by a few news outlets. I haven't seen it yet, but a few people said they saw me on NBC. I'll keep an eye out. The most common question by the press was "Was it worth waiting on the line?" It was a sort of silly question, because I hadn't been able to turn the iPhone yet, but I have to say, the experience at the Apple Store was definitely worth the wait. Walking in the store they had all the store employees applauding the customers. Screaming, hooting, hollering and making us feel like Rock Stars. It seems a little hokey for the first second and then I got swept up in it and was on top of the world. It was great fun. Bravo Apple for taking the best shopping experience and improving it even more.

Of course, maybe I didn't need to wait on the line. My mom showed up at about 7:30, waited in the line for about 1 minute and got the same treatment. Still, the line was fun too.
iPhone impressions coming next...

My Famous Sister.

Cori is rocking the entertainment world. Interviews all over the place. Check it out...


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Also the June 8th edition of Entertainment Weekly.

Way to go Cori. Now, if only she could get Quantum Leap back on the air...