Today is Karen's Birthday...

Happy Birthday to my wife, Karen. If you know her, call or e-mail her to wish her a happy birthday.

If you don't know her, check out her web site and get to know her...

Got a Royal Flush the other day.

Online, playing on Full Tilt Poker. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. Chopped pot...Royal Flush Screen Shot

Need to know a Birthday or Anniversary? I am your man.

In the continuing cycle of me playing with the new web site, I have added a Calendar page. It has the Birthdays and Anniversaries of just about everyone I know. If I am missing one, just e-mail me to let me know.

More site updates

I have added a Family photo album, and a Favorite Pictures photo album.

The Favorite Pictures are ones in which the composition really appeals to me. Mostly headshots of friends. Some not entirely flattering. Happy But all of them speak to me.

I have also fully moved the site back to the Loren.Finkelstein.Net domain.

Additions to the site

I am really loving Rapidweaver. It is so easy to add things to the site. This weekend I have added my brother-in-law Ken's reel to my Pictures and Videos section and a Poker page to the About Me section. Also added the Podcasts page. Of course, I am also working all this weekend, which explains why I am posting this note at 12:30am. Happy

Macworld Expo

I spent the past week in San Francisco, at the Macworld Expo. I always have a great time at the Expo, but this one was particularly special, because I got to attend the wedding of my friends Shawn King & Lesa Snider. It was a wonderful event and I couldn't be happier for them.

Oh yeah. Also, Apple announced some cool new stuff.

Site redesigned with Rapidweaver.

I bought Rapidweaver a few weeks ago. It is a very simple, elegant, web site builder. After years of playing around with HTML in text editors, I decided I wanted to give easy a chance. Thanks to Screencasts Online and their phenomenal tutorials for turning me onto it. Of course, I waited until Apple came out with iWeb before starting to play with Rapidweaver.