Headed to AC for a weekend of Poker.

Instead of just cash games, I'll be playing in some tournaments too.

$500 on Friday.
$800 on Saturday
$1100 on Sunday (But I won my seat to that one.)

Hopefully, I'll remember to keep the world updated on my Twitter page.

Won a seat in a Satellite...

Went to the Borgata this weekend to play in a super satellite. Cashed in it and won a seat into next weeks "THE ULTIMATE SUPER SATELLITE"

Wish me luck.

A great new poker media site brings back an old friend.

Another favorite poker podcast of mine has been through many different incarnations. It started as The Circuit, and then became PokerWire radio. Now, finally, it is running under it's own steam, rather than on someone else's site.

That's right. Joe Seebok, Gavin Smith and crew are back, broadcasting from the tournament circuit on PokerRoad Radio. These guys are fun and really do a great job of both covering the event and providing great strategic advice. The new site, PokerRoad.com, created by Joe Seebok, also has a lot of other great podcasts including Barry Greenstein's Blog, and also a section of Tips from him.

If you are into poker, definitely check out some of the podcasts from this site.

Thanks to Chris Cosenza of Ante Up

Ante Up is one of my favorite podcasts. I've been listening to it for years. Chris and Scott are funny, entertaining and educational.

Well, this weekend, Chris came up from Tampa to cover the World Poker Tour event at Foxwoods and I got to meet him and play with him at a home game for some of the local listeners. It was a 4 hour drive thanks to NYC traffic, but totally worth it. I had a great time and he said some amazingly nice things about me in his blog.

Thanks to everyone involved. It was terrific.

Damn, that kid is cute...

My sister has been sending me some new pics of Dylan. Check her page regularly to see them.

Shooting at local poker club...

There was a shooting at a local poker club a few weeks ago. The club was being robbed and one of the thieves shot and killed one of the players when they dropped their gun, or so I have heard.

The player, Frank, was a normal guy just playing some poker for fun. If playing this card game was legal, then these clubs could operate in the open with real protection, rather than having to hide from the police where stuff like this can happen.

It's a very sad time.

Apologies for not posting more often...

I have been twittering a bit and have gotten away from posting to my blog, but I will try to do better.