Poker tip for playing multiple tables at once online.

I heard this tip on a podcast. Don't remember which one. Maybe Ante Up.

I play on an Macintosh Laptop and even with a resolution of 1440x900 I can't see 2 entire tables at one time. I have to have each table overlap the other.

Using Mac OS X's Expose feature is a great workaround. Hitting F10 shrinks everything down and displays every window for the current application clearly. I can then watch all the games at the same time, and click into the one that requires my attention.

As a test, I opened 4 games on Full Tilt. Here are 2 screen shots. The first is the normal view. The second is the reduced screen from Expose that I watch. (NOTE. The screens are clear as a bell. The screenshots are a little less so, because of JPG compression.)

Click on the images to see the full sized screens.