Sometimes you are the windshield, and sometimes you are the bug.

This has been a bad week for poker. I don't think I have been playing bad, but I have been on a bad run. Some examples, just from 3 hours today...

With 44 I flop a set on a rainbow board, and someone calls bets on the flop and then the turn to hit runner runner flush.

With 10 10, heads up, I flop a set on a 10, Q, K board. He has A J for a straight.

I raise from the button with KQ suited, and the flop comes QQ2. Someone called my pre flop raise with Q2.

I call a loose aggressive players raise with A2. An A comes on the flop. He bets, I call. Blank on the turn. We both check. The river brings a 2, and puts a 3rd spade on the board. Of course he has a flush.

I can handle bad luck and bad beats, but that's a lot in a very concentrated period. And it's the 2nd time this week. Sad

And, no, this was not online. People all expect those kinds of things online. This happened in a real place, with real cards, and real money.