Using your FTP site

If you have Standard, Advanced, or Developer Web service, Panix will provide you (upon your request) with a FTP site within your domain ( This site will allow anonymous FTP file transfers (that is, anyone in the world can FTP to your site, log in as 'anonymous' and access certain directories and files you have set up as world-accessible) within your domain.

Non-anonymous (i.e. password-protected) FTP is also available as an add-on to a Corporate website. To apply for a range of user IDs which will enable people to have individual accounts on your FTP site, please fill out this form.

What are the basic commands for FTP administration?

When your web FTP service is set up, Panix creates a link in your home directory called corp-ftp. The link is a shortcut to your FTP directory on the webserver, and you can treat it exactly like a directory.

When created, your FTP site has the following subdirectories:
contains the password file for your site. Do not edit this by hand.
contains the program ls so your FTP users can list your files.

It is up to you to create any other directories you require. Use the commnds mkdir and rmdir as you would in your shell account.

What are the commands for non-anonymous FTP administration?

FTP site administration involves four commands. In all examples, <hostname> means the name of your ftp site. This means, not

ftp_chown <hostname> (username|userid) [files]
ftp_chown changes the ownership of several files on the command line to the username or userid you specify. The files on the command line are specified relative to the <hostname>'s root directory.
ftp_chmod <hostname> [files]
ftp_chmod changes the permissions on a file owned by one of the users in <hostname>'s root directory according to the permissions you specify in the parameter (an octal number with the same meanings as the octal number used by chmod.
ftp_passwd <hostname> [-u ]
ftp_passwd changes a password in the password file for a host. By default it will change the password of the person running the program. If the -u option is specified, it will change the password of the user after the -u parameter.
ftp_adduser <hostname>
ftp_adduser is an interactive program for adding a user to the password file for a host.
Users may also be added (and deleted) using the tool. After you login, Navigate to 'Setup tools -> FTP administration'.

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