Showing Full Headers of a Message

When forwarding an unwanted or abusive email to postmasters for action, it's very important that you include all of the header information. A great number of spammers, for instance, will do all they can to blur the origin of their message, but they can't forge everything! So here's a guide to viewing full headers in a variety of popular mail clients.

Pine users
Elm users
Mutt users
Eudora users
Pegasus users

Full Headers in Pine

Full Headers in Elm
Unfortunately, although Elm will automatically show full headers while viewing a message, it will not reproduce them when forwarding the mail. So the only method is a bit ugly and time-consuming...

Full Headers in Mutt

Mutt handles headers beautifully: no muss, no fuss. Press h to view the headers, then f to forward the message. That's it!

Full Headers in Eudora

Full Headers in Pegasus

Pegasus is another mailer which will show you full headers, but not forward them, so you will need to use cut and paste.

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