Sending Mail via Panix

To prevent Panix's mail servers from being used by spammers, we have changed our SMTP (outgoing mail) servers to require authentication in most cases. This means that you need to log in to send mail, not just to receive it.
Do I need to use SMTP authentication?
You need to turn on authentication IF: In other words, you usually need SMTP authentication, nowadays. You don't need to use SMTP authentication if:

How do I set up SMTP authentication in my mail program?

SMTP Auth is now commonplace and in general use.

It should work with any modern email client.

If you have trouble authenticating to our mail server, drop a note to staff.
Sure, but how do I set it up?

It should be pretty straightforward, and some popular programs set it up by default. Here's the Panix-specific information you need:

Set your outgoing mail server to:
If your email address ends in "", just use your email address as the username. (Your Panix login by itself will also work.)
If your email address ends in "", you need to enter your full email address including the "" part.
Use your regular Panix password as the password.
Some providers block port 25 on other systems. If you can't use port 25, try port 587 or port 2525 instead.
If you are using secure SMTP (that is, SSL-wrapped SMTP) you should use port 465, unless you're using Eudora, in which case you should use port 4650. (We no longer recommend using Eudora.)

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