Additional Procmail Resources

A procmail recipe checks each message for the characteristic(s) that you specify and then disposes of the message accordingly.

Procmail is a very powerful program with a lot of features. The Panix help desk can provide support only for some basic features. The Panix user community includes a number of extremely knowledgable procmail users who are most generous with their expertise. You can generally find them in the panix.questions newsgroup.

Meantime, here is a list of resources to help you get familiar with procmail, from basic tutorial-level to advanced tricks.

Procmail has several useful man pages. Check out
man procmail
Technical details.
man procmailrc
How the procmailrc file works.
man procmailsc
Using Procmail's scoring
man procmailex
Examples - probably the most useful of all.

Mail Filtering with Procmail: A Tutorial
Ian Soboroff's (of Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County) excellent getting-started essay. Thanks to his clarity, and the fact that UMBC uses basically the same set of paths as Panix, we can find nothing of substance to add.
Timo's Tips
In FAQ format, lots of answers and yet more links to other useful material.
Procmail Quick Start
This page, copyright Nancy McGough & Infinite Ink, contains lots of details and many helpful links.
The Official Procmail Web Site
For the truly fascinated or obsessive Procmail devotee, here's where you can find more tutorials, mailing lists for Procmail discussion or general mail-filter theory, tips and tricks for creative Procmail recipe tweaking, release notes, feature request and bugfix lists, or even the latest source code to install Procmail on your Linux box at home.

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