Good mathematicians see analogies    
[two statements on being real]    
[two statements on solitude]    
Contact with others is what heals    
Days may be where we live    
In the cybersecurity world    
To read Heisenberg, Kant, or Borges    
A man undergoes pain    
Freedom in the use of symbols    
A friend of mine is a photographer    
A light, just now living    
Breath is primary    
[E]pic diction has the same verb    
we used our words    
The original mistake in every sentence    
'The fault I find with our journalism'    
No neat conclusion    
To have in general    
Much of the ambiguity in talk    
The symbolic interpretation of prophecy    
A decade ago    
Allan Pettersson asked Leibowitz    
Quakers sit in silence    
There's so much music    
Why do we like being Irish?    
As used in this subchapter    
Sure. But when you say    
I don't know where I / am either    
[two reflections on careers]    
The fetishism of the document    
'What you love in a person, Domna'    
In the past twenty years    
For Marxian humanism    
Science is thought by some    
In this emergent period    
Anything that looks like an idea    
[M]uch of the sexuality    
This is unlike any behavior    
A 'closed world' is    
Development systems are partial    
Mythology is not the same as myth    
Worked hard and feel happier    
A feminist server    
Plato, in his famous fight    
It may already be September    
One former student    
Where has this cold come from?    
True attention allows potentialities    
To my craft I am attentive    
Thanks largely to the spread    
Music promotes rehearsals    
One of the tragedies    
To now realize that historical data    
Is this a real / encounter    
[F]or reasons I'll never know    
Saul Bellow called distraction    
Two hands washing in the basin    
Before patterns are captured in writing    
What are days for?    
The chores that need doing    
read through earlier entries    
[Temple] Grandin likes the idea    
The knowledge gained by listening    
Weeks of debugging    
Each of Pflaumen's guests    
What [Jonah] Hill came to realize    
At one level the point is simple    
[P]eople just aren't meant    
I think training is mis-pitched    
Not the bell, I said    
To enter Babel    
Sometimes the land turns into words    
I am Kilamuwa    
Men go through life    
All I want is for someone    
Mozart concertos! Aged sixteen    
The nuns taught us    
In my visions of fear    
[two transgressions against realism]    
[two statements on normality]    
Years before today's slideware    
[W]hatever else a liberal ethos    
What concerns [P. F.] Strawson    
'There's this Robert Capa quote    
To be alive and explore nature now    
Symbolism is mind    
I wish I might write music    
I think there's a tendency    
(In transference, one always waits    
'I have never suffered greatly'    
[an antinomy]    
There are moments in our lives    
It is not an understatement    
In thinking how my own view of training    
[two statements on commitment]    
There's an Etruscan word    
In a society so ideologically hostile    
Whatever pays you    
[A] philosopher [is]    
It turns out that budget constraints    
[P]eople can't, unhappily    
[T]hey recognized right away    
In all these [constructivist] views    
Back when ['Chapo Trap House']    
[M]aybe that was all    
I am trying to learn    
For perspective, the forecast lows    
The idea of a 'culture industry'    
[two statements on attention]    
Say an idea is math    
There is nothing more interesting    
What most thought was    
[M]aybe the bread    
In failing health    
In e-mails and phone calls    
The human consciousness    
Being introverted has nothing    
I am organizing my solitude    
[two statements on being an artist]    
[two statements on fate]    
Deep in fear and in suspicion    
[All] design is 'persuasive'    
[A]ny supply-side solution    
In central Kentucky    
Plato [...] was not engaging    
[W]orking only for the rich    
[B]oth on the right and on the left    
It's important that we understand    
There's a Haida proverb    
You are never mentioned on Ararat    
In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'    
There is a very long game    
[Y]ou can take it away    
It is by this point a commonplace    
The materiality of the world    
Yes, I'm running as a socialist    
What I know is that on the nights    
That night, my sense of guilt    
[two comments on power]    
What [Sam] Stephenson recognizes    
Monasteries are not as otherworldly    
For me the particular monstrousness    
It is not that the heroine is no longer    
Can slave be used as a metaphor?    
It's a barren feeling to know    
[Some people] want to think    
'Trouble' is an interesting word    
alternative facts    
Since its founding in 1917    
In the ninety-minute debate    
The word is usually in a sentence    
Cities have always been cruel    
Universties are resilient creatures    
You are reading a different book.    
Unfinished, unable, distracted—    
[two statements on reflexivity]    
Nor was I hungry    
What's it like to know you're right/    
Sex is a pocket of life    
The world of information is more Gothic    
How much do we care, and should we care    
In the beginning and in the end    
It is that desired transformation    
The archaeology of grief is not ordered    
[three comments on anxiety]    
If you're a technological optimist    
Where, exactly, is the aporia here?    
I measure myself against / the sky    
I once feared buying a house    
Define loneliness?    
Nothing costs enough here    
[assertion v. evidence]    
For decades, the Sherpas addressed    
We talk about open questions    
At Tony Oursler's retrospective    
I ask you: / what are poems for?    
If the only means of hoarding money    
One might have thought of sight    
It is an excess of caution that makes    
[two comments on subtle privilege]    
[A] big part [of the solution]    
[two comments on judgment]    
In bright late-winter sunlight    
On a more biographical note    
If there's one thing I've learned    
Thoreau sought a decluttered life    
We have not even begun to research    
Deal with IEEE Std. 1003.1-1990    
I've heard that, back in the day    
It was a splendid mind    
The axes of your work    
How does a thought act?    
Do we 'actually communicate'?    
That she was not pretty she knew    
In spite of his skepticism    
Once there was a horse    
[T]he plaintiffs are mistaken    
[D]e Man's reading of the 'Essai'    
Orpheus never liked words    
The body is a formal constraint    
Just above my diaphragm is a knot    
In respect to geometry one recognizes    
Ridicule becomes less fun    
When democracy proves to be oppressive    
This is a good place to make it clear    
[N]o theory can be considered a good one    
We must remember the state of things    
I think about you a lot, future person    
The highest task of education is    
another way to frighten yourself    
Uprooting is a devastating blow    
I slept before a wall of books    
Talk about strange—in a haunted way    
[A]re we so predictable a creature    
Some hot tea / tying the horses    
Not because of victories / I sing    
I'm starting to think I have no soul    
A rung's / come broken in the / ladder    
We must not portray you in king's robes    
Mae thought of his hands    
[N]othing is more serious    
I'll do a song about nothing at all    
In the desert / I saw a creature    
The stone arm raising a stone hammer    
The trees are in their autumn beauty    
Your absence has gone through me    
Leadership in every realm    
He made a line on the blackboard    
The new Snowden revelations are explosive    
A person is, by his nature, out of touch    
The shad and asparagus are over    
He heard her in the entryway    
What do you think of e-books?    
I was packing away the file    
If Jesus had lived in my time    
I object to such programs    
Two truths draw nearer each other    
Among the faculties of alcoholic men    
I confess I do not believe in time    
Harvard, in its infinite wisdom    
Call me to that one among your hours    
It comes down to permission    
[T]elling you about my emotions    
My point is not that everything is bad    
Empathy could serve many of us    
[two statements on physics]    
Boredom, it seems to me, is a signal    
Imagine a body which waxes and wanes    
Memory believes before knowing remembers    
The problem is that men can be hurt    
Hardly anyone apart from the botanist    
I believe in seeing ideas in the form    
Consider, further, 1 = 0    
[two statements on language]    
I believe in reading unsystematically    
[two statements on desire]    
The split of self from environment    
If I can start the day on my own terms    
So much of being male is about space    
Metaphors are not arguments    
Once you know someone's story    
This is not magical realism    
All I really want from a sidewalk    
All winter you felt nothing    
I'm trying to tell you something here    
Credibility is a basic survival tool    
The eye does not see what I see    
While the main drive of Kant's arguments    
To name is to praise, said the girl    
And did you get what / you wanted    
The next day it occurred to me    
The time you spend is not your own    
We're at a unique time in the history    
[two statements on truth]    
[three statements on building]    
They lay there on their bed    
I approach poetry as a control system    
Priest [As if confessing someone]    
Do you know how long it has been    
By uprooting himself from the world    
Imagine a Carthage sown with salt    
What kind of talking, then    
Edmund was like that, a little    
The stories of Brown and Rangel tell us    
There is a solitude like black mud!    
He stands beneath me, beneath my weight    
Surely, in a way, woman is mysterious    
Some ideas so obviously entail    
[Inspiration] never points to what    
Inside of this elaborate memorial    
Art isn't anecdote    
Don't put off your shower any more    
It is familiar language    
One should count each day    
I have thick socks and heavy shirts    
This is my network. // It is mine    
This is one of the many reasons why    
Wait, for now. / Distrust everything    
And once, when I rose / from your body    
Why are mysteries unpublishable?    
There is something so literal about video    
As I said, nature requires that the soul    
we who are / your closest friends    
Look, as we promised each other    
Say you hoped to / tame something    
Anything that remains abstract    
Sometimes I don't even know    
[T]he FBI withheld the identities    
This poet very seldom writes    
]I bid you sing / of Gongyla    
[two statements on taste]    
I meant nothing by The Lighthouse    
I have been here before    
This speech on the origin of mind    
A medium has a niche    
you can trust the computer    
What needed to move    
Apenas te he dejado    
So I said I am Ezra    
I had a clock it woke all day    
It is possible to take too many notes    
Since I find you will no longer love    
There's been time this whole time    
[] keeps tabs on users    
My lady, these eyes see vividly    
What of the neighborhood homes awash    
Matter tells space how to curve    
It now lately sometimes seemed    
The atopia of Socrates is linked to Eros    
The poetic, the scientific, the erotic    
Now live scorpions, on the other hand    
[Computer languages] evolve slowly    
Action creates / a taste / for itself    
A short history of airport security    
Oil is to Saudia Arabia    
Before I started [my walks]    
In class/ In life    
The desert has to lead us, at last    
Affection that will not be gainsayed    
... because / to be and to have meaning    
'Desire' is 'himeros'    
Desert is, literally, emptiness    
Gentlemen look on this curious creature    
Everything dies of being thought    
Poetry is a kind of lying    
There will be nothing in the end    
The lies in novels are not gratuitous    
Before I forget, while there is time    
Learn to say no    
There is nothing dramatic in the world    
Talking walks is the entry drug    
In the broader intellectual sphere    
I've watched memory wound you    
Spontaneity is total sincerity    
There is a shade of purple    
I keep on weeping for a past    
Icebergs behoove the soul    
Before the invention of algebra    
There are nights that don't    
Finish each day and be done with it    
God made forgetfulness    
Sure on this shining night    
Yesterday I wanted to / speak of it    
I am a part of all that I have met    
Where are the songs of spring?    
[improvisation:] something created    
My phone tells me numbers    
The problem with talking to someone    
The desert has a deep personality    
There is nothing new under the sun    
Early morning lakes of fog    
[E]xpression cannot exist    
In that tenth winter of your exile    
Happy the man, whose wish and care    
To whom much is given, much is expected    
If I can stop one heart from breaking    
It has been pretended by some    
It's so much like you, I think    
What I want happens    
XV. Legend    
All I'm saying about that line is    
The greatest weakness of most humans    
For more than two years Nazia [Quazi]    
Auch das Schöne muß sterben!    
Destiny. My destiny!    
We have nothing to hide    
I am root, dammit    
One lets things into one's midst    
In Latin 'evolvere' means 'to unroll'    
Once I believed in you    
Do not go gentle into that good night    
Weep, o mine eyes and cease not    
On these beaches    
I am about to recite a psalm that I know    
Come to me, said the world    
Ah, love, this is fear    
I just want silence    
Experience is the only real teacher    
Ah, that is the secret    
All gods who receive homage are cruel    
The great paradox about music    
We always weaken whatever we exaggerate    
Music unfolds in time    
When you don't have stars in your eyes    
All the new thinking is about loss    
It is always a matter, my darling    
Any sufficiently overheated industry    
[R]esentment of an American president    
Dealing with failure is easy    
You can be a virgin in horror    
This isn't animal    
What scandalized the serious    
'Oh where ha'e ye been,    
Much of the sexual abuse    
Everyone suspects himself    
Hardly touching, I    
For men say always    
It was all    
She stood at    
suppose the body    
I know that    
I had a strange    
It is an exurbo-Republican    
[M]usic is what    
After this sustained    
That marvelous assurance    
We, in the ages    
Will there really    
Afterward it was dark    
earth creatures cattle    
Also the headache of    
In "Order out of Chaos"    
I know what you want    
Admiration—the aesthetic    
You tell stories    
Youth is not    
Complexity can be thought    
desire only that    
So how many bits    
Many have dreamed    
Defenceless under the night    
[The humanities] are thus    
The Modern period    
So, for those of you    
We are, each of us    
The history of ideas    
Let me jump    
The first question    
What would mercy    
The notion that our disposition    
Most of our heroes    
So there's this brief period    
didn't the night end    
There is a sacredness    
And all these images    
But incarnation is in    
With all that said    
That boring activities become    
Current younger generation    
Art is a form of exploration    
In the daylight    
Fashionability of product    
However, if it's difficult    
The things they carried    
With the old economics destroyed    
Kundera, a trained musician    
This sort of soaring rhetoric    
O magnum mysterium    
Is there a place    
Come / and let us talk    
The very technology    
To allow our loved ones    
People we talk to inside Iran    
Before I die    
Our tragedy today    
This sentence, in a sudden    
It occurs to me, though    
But this rough magic    
[I]rony manifestly involves    
It's like 'Fight Club'    
I used to believe life got better    
Methought I heard a voice    
Living much out of doors    
Give to me the life    
Initial gut reaction    
In May 1974 [Joseph] Beuys flew    
In preparing for battle    
Practice is at once    
I think there's a real argument    
Tall ships, we loved you    
Wolfram|Alpha's long-term goal    
Whatever happens    
To my old brown earth    
Otherwise this stone    
Music theorist Johannes Kepler    
Idleness, like kisses    
Today, like every other day    
Many factors help explain    
Earth will keep you tight    
The law locks up the man or woman    
Your life feels different on you    
New pyschiatric drugs    
Most of Paul's eccentricities were    
When I had no roof I made    
Learn, / as you stand    
Weep, O mine eyes    
But it is very important to keep    
Whitacre gets points    
Linus Torvalds, a Finn    
In the poem that cannot    
Unicode Snowman for You    
The evening hangs beneath the moon    
It is an art which does not seem    
Scary devil monastery    
The panther is like a leopard    
You scream, waking from a nightmare    
To-day a rude brief recitative    
Batter my heart    
We try to make for ourselves    
The Lament is for all true women    
We all have reasons    
The need for a new ordering    
The one who pours is wilder    
O dream how sweet    
When you consider something like death    
Food prices have risen    
Finally, Walt [Rostow] said    
Have you reckon'd a thousand    
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen    
The end of birth    
As I looked at the dead moth    
I taped a sign over the first sign    
In memory, we find the most complete    
And if you close your eyes    
We are now at a point    
All possible time, energy, and work    
A physicist is an atom's way    
Herr, lehre doch mich    
That odd capacity for destitution    
....... said / tasteless excess    
Ecco mormorar l'onde    
The Crystal Palace in London    
Broken gets fixed    
But the notion of the magnesium bomb    
For ye shall go out with joy    
My heart's in the Highlands    
The stabs in her heart    
The work of every great poet    
My heart an echo caught    
Night with the eyes    
Each note is a need    
How many loved your moments    
In our culture, though    
For the still small voice    
I have lost the consolation    
We can find beauty everywhere    
i saw the presidents hand    
Our challenges may be new    
Prove to me that chance    
I like a party    
Hear blessings dropping their blossoms    
Poetry (here I hear myself loudest)    
We each come to literature    
As I walked along the river    
Lux, / calida gravisque    
But because I believe    
Act as if what you do    
De profundis    
I was in danger of degenerating    
Now I walk in beauty    
Wal-Mart is, after all    
War is an ugly thing    
Two teams of physicists    
During that killing season    
If humanity wishes    
Friend, tell me what to do    
I myself have never    
Yet I am I    
It is a profound and necessary truth    
how should tasting    
Speech is a clumsiness    
Artists will always make art    
Crucial / sounds or gestures    
It was clear to him    
Your children are not your children